Families, teachers, and taxpayers all benefit from boundaries that bring us back to basics in Utah’s classrooms and return children as the focus of Utah’s education system

We've let local schools get taken over by national & global systems that don't have the interests of Utah's families at heart — if we care about children, we must make a change.

Prioritize Academics first

Utah spending on public education is at an all-time high of $7.3 billion, and yet our students’ academic scores keep sinking lower & lower.

We must stop throwing money & resources at widely promoted & deeply flawed approaches, such as intrusive social emotional surveys & lessons, sexualized content, labeling kids according to identity politics, and the excessive use of technology.

With a strong focus on time-tested, traditional methods & content to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science, our children will be prepared to think and act wisely based on objective & self-evident truths.

respect conscience in school

Our children are a captive audience in the culture wars that are being fought & taught in the schools. This is why it's important for parents to understand that their children don't have to check their consciences at the school door!

Students need to know they can act on their sincerely-held internal sense of right and wrong without fear of punishment.

53G-10-205 is a wonderful law that protects children from being complicit in their own indoctrination, and respect a parents' rights to act upon their own conscience and belief on behalf of their children.

restore schools' proper role

No school, no matter how well meaning its programs & people, can take the place of a healthy family— families are the fundamental unit of all free and civilized societies, and Utah should be leading the way.

Schools are being transformed into social welfare service centers, which incentivizes dependency mindsets & habits in our children & families and leads to costly, unsustainable programs that burden all taxpayers.

Less is more! Schools must be schools, with a streamlined focus on scholastic achievement and merit.

protect kids from exploitation

There are too many bureaucrats micromanaging and dictating what happens in the classroom.

A child’s education should not be a means to somebody else’s ends— it should be the end, in and of itself.

The state should protect children from being used to promote global, national, or local agendas, fill workforce quotas, solve for real or manufactured societal problems, or lobby or agitate as activists for causes inside or outside of school.