Thank you to these respected organizations for endorsing Monica Wilbur for State Board 10

Moms For America

A national movement of moms reclaiming our culture for truth, family freedom and the constitution.

Utah Freedom Coalition

Monica Wilbur is very dedicated to reading education bills, policies, and documents. She genuinely cares about kids and their right to learning rather then indoctrination. She will stand firm in protecting your child’s right to real education.

Platform Republicans PAC

Endorses Monica Wilbur for State Board of Education District 10

Learning is not a science or a business, but an art.

Families, teachers, and taxpayers all benefit from boundaries that bring us back to basics in Utah’s classrooms and return children as the focus of Utah’s education system

We’ve let local schools get taken over by national & global systems that are deciding what happens in our kids’ classrooms. If we care about the best interests of Utah’s families, their children, and the future, we must make a change. Bad top-down policies are putting Utah’s schools on a downward trajectory that is unacceptable, which is why we need new leadership at the board with the courage to face the problems head on.

Prioritize Academics first

Utah spending on public education is at an all-time high of $7.3 billion, and yet our students’ academic scores keep sinking lower & lower.

We must stop throwing money & resources at widely promoted & deeply flawed approaches, such as intrusive social emotional surveys & lessons, sexualized content, labeling kids according to identity politics, trauma-informed practices, and the excessive & obsessive use of technology.

With a strong focus on time-tested, traditional methods & content to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science, our children will be prepared to think and act wisely based on objective & self-evident truths.

respect conscience in school

Our children are a captive audience in the culture wars that are being fought & taught in the schools. This is why it’s important for parents to understand that their children don’t have to check their consciences at the school door!

Students need to know they can act on their sincerely-held internal sense of right and wrong without fear of punishment.

53G-10-205 is a wonderful law that protects children from being complicit in their own indoctrination, and respect parents’ rights to act upon their own conscience and belief on behalf of their children.

restore schools’ proper role

No school, no matter how well meaning its programs & people, can take the place of a healthy family—families are the fundamental unit of all free and civilized societies, and Utah should be leading the way.

Schools are being transformed into social welfare service centers, which incentivize dependency mindsets & habits in our children & families and lead to costly, unsustainable programs that burden all taxpayers.

Less is more! Schools must be schools, with a streamlined focus on scholastic achievement and merit. Asking schools to do too much is asking for increased teacher burnout, reduced parental involvement, and diminished student privacy.

protect kids from exploitation

There are too many bureaucrats and unaccountable third-parties micromanaging and dictating what happens in the classroom.

A child’s education should not be a means to somebody else’s ends— it should be the end, in and of itself.

The state should protect children from being used to promote global, national, or local agendas, fill workforce quotas, solve for real or manufactured societal problems, or lobby or agitate as activists for causes inside or outside of school. 

K-12 Education in Utah by the numbers

Something is not right when almost 90% of our students are graduating even though fewer than 50% of them can perform at grade level in reading, writing, math, and science. On the West side of the state, where District 10 is, proficiency rates are much, much lower than the state average. Click the button below to look up your local schools and see for yourself.

Utah high school graduation rate
dollars spent on K-12 schools in 2023
Percentage of children statewide who can’t read or do math or science at grade level

Why do I want to run for the Board?

My family

My family is my joy and my strength! I’m the proud and busy mom of four beautiful and bright children, and the wife of an incredible man who supports us all. 

My education

I attended Utah schools, but also benefited from a wonderful education in classic literature both as a child and as an adult. My B.S. in English is from the University of Utah and my secondary education teaching endorsement is from Weber State University. After leaving teaching, I worked as a technical editor and earned certifications in web development.

Despite my formal education, I consider myself first and foremost an auto-didact, and believe that the best books are often the best teachers a person can have. 

If elected, I will never vote for policies that benefit the system at the expense of the children, families & public it serves 

My experience in the schools

My work in public schools began with teaching high school English and coaching debate. After I had my children, I volunteered in their classrooms and served on multiple community councils.
My children have attended public and charter schools, as well as having been homeschooled and dual enrolled. The advent of Common Core and other standardized classroom practices raised many serious concerns for me on the direction in which public education was heading.

When Covid restrictions affected my children’s learning for the worse, I became unexpectedly involved in advocating publicly for my children and others’ on a range of controversial school issues that children, parents, and teachers shouldn’t have to be faced with. It was shocking to me to see how different schools had become since I had taught, and that many teachers were feeling as trapped as the students were feeling in situations beyond their control.

My work to inform parents & help children

It was not long before I became heavily involved in education policy at both the state board and at the state legislature, putting in almost 5,000 volunteer hours in just the past two and a half years to inform and speak with hundreds of parents across the state about their concerns for their children and grandchildren. This work has been motivated by the relentless efforts of  Board Member Natalie Cline to bring transparency to the complexity and confusion created by a malfunctioning public school system. The research and work we have done together demonstrates beyond any doubt that all is not well in Utah’s schools, and that critical change is required to ensure that the school system first does no harm to those most vulnerable within schools, the children .

A look at Monica’s education efforts

Making laws better

Protecting children and parents in schools is paramount to me. I’ve contributed to the crafting of a number of important bills at the state regarding constitutional rights and protecting children, but most significantly, Rep. Acton’s HB348, also called the Rights of Conscience bill. 

This bill protects a students’ or parents’ rights to not be forced to participate in any aspect of school that violates their consciences. 

HB348 passed with a supermajority in the legislature, and was signed into law in 2023.

Helping inform parents

Good information leads to good decision making. I’ve spent the past 1 1/2 years travelling across the state with Natalie Cline to share our information and insights on latest developments in public education.

From Logan to St. George, from Tooele to Richfield, hundreds of parents, grandparents & teachers have relied on our research and observations of the trajectory of public education to guide their education choices and increase their awareness of the increasingly radicalized education landscape.

Our website, Higher Ground, was created to show how many of the policies, programs, and processes driving public education have complicated and corrupted the simple art of learning.

Consulting decision-makers 

Charter school administrators, law makers, board members, private school directors, family rights advocates, and fellow school reform advocates have relied on model policies, research, and analysis I’ve developed over these past few years to help them formulate ideas on education that rise above “go along to get along” groupthink approaches.

My consultation centers on the urgent need for more moral courage in education spaces to seek hard truths over easy excuses, think originally, act unconventionally, use language precisely, challenge assumptions, and stand up for American values and proven principles of liberty, honesty, trust, ingenuity, dignity, integrity, and humility.


Friends, we desperately need amazing people like Monica Wilbur on our school boards. Please help me in supporting her candidacy!

Bill Hoster

Mayor, Leeds, Utah

Monica Wilbur is a dedicated advocate for children’s rights and safety in public school systems. Monica has been instrumental in exposing instances of corrupt government overreach. I appreciate Monica for her unwavering dedication to transparency and commitment to ensuring the well-being of our children’s education.

Amanda Wright

Utah Mom & Child Advocate

I endorse Monica Wilbur for State School Board. I have worked with Monica on legislation to protect minors in the State of Utah and I appreciate her hard work, thoughtful advice, and principled mindset.

Alexis Ence

Utah Tech University English Instructor 

I am a grandmother with three grandkids attending public schools. I’ve been long concerned about the public school system increasingly getting out of control. Monica’s hard work ethics, unrelenting fighting spirit, experience from having been a teacher, and educating parents about what’s happening in the public school system has helped my family, and makes her the perfect USBE candidate.

Pat Jones

Member, Parents Taking Action

As has always been true, power attracts the worst and corrupts the best. When our sacred Constitution is hanging by a thread, people must learn to discern the motives of each candidate running for office. Most run for the power, and will pay any price or compromise their values to fulfill their ambitions. However, there are a few, whose motive is not the office, but rather to clean house and restore this country to the principles it was founded upon. There are very few, who I believe are capable of not becoming corrupted by political power, and Monica Wilbur is one of them.

Jason Preston

Founder, We ARE the People
Former US Congressional candidate

Utah’s children and parents need Monica Wilbur on the state school board and I strongly endorse her. After a few years of observing and listening to Monica at school board and state legislature meetings, it is clear she is the champion our children need. Monica has consistently demonstrated the moral fortitude to stand up for what matters most—our children, our future.

Rebecca Colley

Political Coordinator
Former Sandy City Council candidate

Our Utah State Board of Education is in dire need of more conservative voices who understand education issues our state faces, and who will not be misled by hidden agendas masquerading as benevolent efforts. Monica Wilbur is a true constitutional conservative who lives her principles. At the same time, she has a special talent for seeing through the smokescreen of nice-sounding rhetoric and errant “do good-ism.”

She is an avid researcher, allowing her to understand the issues deeply, so that she will never have to outsource her decisions third-party “experts.” Moreover, Monica’s years of experience as both a teacher and a parent have given her an inside view of the education system and allow her to advocate effectively for both sides. She is stalwart, unafraid, and will always stand for right. I enthusiastically endorse Monica Wilbur for the USBE District 10 seat.

Kim Chandler

Granite School District Board Member
Precinct V

I met Monica through our shared experience doing education policy research. I have found her to be a dedicated advocate for Utah parents who are trying to stand against the progressive, often anti-family, political agendas that have been foisted upon our schools through federal policy. She has the necessary background knowledge to make sound decisions and will be a voice of wisdom on the USBE. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.

JaKell Sullivan

Co-founder, Utahns Against Common Core

I stand resolutely in support of Monica Wilbur as a newly elected member of the Utah State Board of Education. Monica Is a strong leader, whose key concern is centered in the well-being and safe education for all of Utah’s children, and stands opposed to WOKE ideologies being promoted within the classrooms. Monica Wilbur understands Utah Law and Constitution, and actively participates in the construct of bills placed before our representatives in order to protect and retain those unalienable rights of the individual, and family values support.

Support Utah families and vote Monica Wilbur.

Lynn Tromley

Educator, Utah School Watch and Precinct Chair

I’m honored to endorse Monica Wilbur for USBE District 10. I’ve been so impressed at the work Monica has done over the past several years to educate parents and teachers and protect children. She is someone who stands on principle and will be a force for good for parents, children, and teachers.

I encourage you to vote for Monica Wilbur.

Karen Layton

Mom, Constitutional Course Facilitator

As a parent I appreciate the work Monica does to improve Utah’s education system. I have worked with her on legislation to protect children and have seen her work ethic and integrity. She volunteers hours and hours because she cares for Utah’s children. She stands up for what is right even when it’s not popular. Please vote for Monica, Utah needs her!

Haylee Caplin

Mom, Child Protection Policy Advocate

I have worked closely with Monica on legislation to protect Utah’s children. Monica is not only brilliant but also takes action. She continues to dedicate her time to truly making a positive difference for our next generation. She understands the dangers that face our youth, and I have no doubt she will be an amazing asset for parents and children while serving on the state school board. We need more people like Monica standing up for Utah’s kids. Monica has my full support and endorsement.

Michelle Tanner

St. George City Council Woman

I have known Monica Wilbur for several years. As a parent with children in the public school system, I have seen first hand what our academic institutions have become and the struggles within. Monica has spent thousands of hours attending weekly state board meetings, researching and speaking on issues at hand on her own accord. As a parent, I appreciate her due diligence and her willingness to be a voice for our children. I highly endorse Monica Wilbur. She would be a asset and great addition to our Utah State Board of Education.

Amy Ward

Child advocate & educator, Jordan School District

I had a great conversation with Monica and went through her web site, she has the same ideas as I do. She has my vote.

Neil Critchlow

Mayor, Grantsville, Utah

Monica Wilbur is the real deal. She genuinely cares about families and is committed to upholding the highest of standards in education.

Her love of the constitution and the principles of freedom and equality it enshrines are evident in all she does to help families access the best in education and meet their individual needs.

Monica is highly competent, articulate, principled, and compassionate and is just what District 10 needs to ensure a positive future for all students.

Rozelle Hansen

Marketing Specialist, Homeschool Mom

Monica is an outstanding advocate for the children in Utah and will make an excellent Member of our State School Board. Whatever’s the issue, I can contact Monica and she knows all about it! She is informed, involved, committed to sound moral principles, and academic success for all students. We are fortunate to have such a great candidate who will stand up for Utah’s children!!!

Kristin Richey

Former Seminary Teacher 

Utah State Board District 10

The State Board District 10 area includes Salt Lake, Tooele, and Utah Counties, and is one of the larger districts in the state geographically.